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PC glasses with blue light filter

PC glasses with blue light filter

More productivity. More sleep. More quality of life.

Tired eyes after long PC work? Vision loss due to a lot of daddling? Many people are familiar with this. The fact is that screen use continues to increase. There are already around 40 million workplace computers in Germany alone. And the trend is rising.

It is well known that this heavy use is not necessarily good for the eyes. But to do without the computer? That's probably not a solution. But there is a way to protect your eyes while working on the PC.

With PC glasses with blue light filter.

Learn more about these glasses and how they work in this post.

What are PC glasses?

PC glasses are special glasses designed to relieve eye strain when working at a computer screen. They are designed to help reduce eye strain from prolonged screen viewing and prevent possible discomfort such as eye fatigue, dry eyes, headaches or blurred vision.

PC glasses can have different functions to protect the eyes. Depending on the type of glasses.

  • Blue light filter: Many VDU workplace glasses are equipped with a blue light filter that reduces the harmful blue light emitted by screens. Blue light can strain the eyes and disturb the sleep-wake rhythm.
  • Anti-reflective coating: Anti-reflective coating of the lenses can reduce reflections and glare caused by light sources in the room or on the screen.
  • Magnification: The lenses of some PC glasses have a slight magnification function to make it easier to read text on the screen.

Good to know: PC glasses are not a visual aid! They do not correct defective vision.

If someone already wears glasses, PC glasses can be used as a supplement to provide additional eye relief. And yes, two pairs of glasses are not mutually exclusive. You'll find out how this works later in the article.

Caution: Danger of confusion: blue light goggles vs. workplace goggles

The terms blue light filter glasses and workplace glasses are often used synonymously. When we talk about workplace glasses or PC glasses in this article, we always mean glasses with blue light filters.

Strictly speaking, however, Blueblocker glasses and PC glasses are two different glasses.

PC glasses

The PC glasses are specially adapted to your own workplace. An optician therefore checks what your working conditions look like. The distances to the monitor, keyboard and reading material are taken into account and compensated. The way they work is comparable to varifocals.

Varifocal glasses infographic

Special workplace glasses are designed to improve working posture and are thus considered a preventive health measure. They fall under the heading of "personal protective equipment" at work. Therefore, the employer is obligated to cover some or all of the costs, provided a medical certificate is available.

As already mentioned, the optician comes into play with this type of glasses. Because here it comes down to millimeter work to integrate the perfect sharpness for all parameters.

Oh yes, blue filter technology can also be selected as a lens enhancement for these PC glasses.

Blue light filter glasses

Blue light filter glasses, unlike workplace glasses, can be worn without prescription. They are more of a fashion accessory that serves a useful purpose. For example, when you are working at the PC or watching your favorite series at night.

Blue filter glasses are a simple but useful addition to everyday life and can be a preventive measure for the health of the eyes. Without prescription, you can easily buy this type of glasses from an online store without any consultation.

Advantages of VDU glasses

PC glasses with blue light filter

Okay, you now know that blueblocker glasses block blue light. But what's the point?

  1. Reducing eye strain: Blue light can cause eye strain and lead to symptoms such as eye fatigue, dry eyes and headaches. Blueblocker glasses block much of the blue light and can therefore reduce eye strain.
  2. Improving sleep: Blue light can disrupt the sleep-wake rhythm because it inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Working on a PC in the evening and going straight to bed afterwards can lead to sleep problems. Blueblocker glasses can support the natural sleep cycle.
  3. Retinal protection: Long-term exposure to blue light can cause damage to the retina. Blueblocker glasses can help protect the retina from this potential damage.
  4. Improving contrast perception: By blocking blue light, blueblocker glasses can improve contrast perception, making the on-screen viewing experience more comfortable.

Even though the effectiveness of Blueblocker glasses has not yet been extensively studied, there are already many positive testimonials. The majority of our customers report a subjective improvement in their eye strain and sleep quality when using our Blueblocker glasses on the PC.

Screen glasses for eyeglass wearers

Screen glasses Blueblocker glasses attachment

For those who wear glasses, there are also Blueblocker glasses that are specifically designed to be used over existing glasses. These over-the-eye glasses are designed to fit over regular glasses and filter blue light. They therefore offer the same benefits as blueblocker glasses for people without vision correction.

There are several types of over-the-eye glasses for eyeglass wearers that can serve as blueblockers. Some are magnetic and can simply be clipped over the glasses, while others have an elastic strap or temple mechanism to keep them in place over the glasses.

We at Lichtblock have developed clip-ons for eyeglass wearers. Easy to use and perfect for everyday life.

Good to know: Does my employer have to pay for workplace glasses?

Glasses that protect the eyes in the workplace and enable optimal vision are an important part of occupational safety. Employees who, for example, carry out welding work, work with hazardous substances or work in an environment with swirling dust are provided with safety glasses free of charge - if necessary even with prescription lenses. This also applies to magnifying glasses, which are essential in medical and technical professions for magnifying images.

What is less well known is that this also includes glasses for VDU activities. If the previous visual aid is not sufficient, employees need glasses specially made for their field of activity. The Occupational Health and Safety Act defines these as 'personal protective equipment'.

The employer may therefore be obliged to provide a necessary pair of work glasses. However, the assumption of costs is linked to certain requirements, which are regulated by law in the VDU Work Ordinance.

One condition is that an ophthalmologist determines the need for VDU glasses and prescribes them. In addition, the employee must actually work at a VDU.

There are different views on this point. One labor court has ruled that this point is given if the employee works at a screen for at least 30 to 45 minutes in a seven-hour workday.

Many are also guided by the accident prevention regulation issued by the employers' liability insurance association. This defines VDU work as given when the following points are fulfilled:

  • A visual display unit is indispensable for work and cannot be replaced by any other work equipment.
  • The employee usually uses the monitor several times a day and for long periods without interruption.
  • Working at a computer screen requires a high level of concentration to avoid mistakes that could have serious consequences.

Workplace glasses can contribute to health

Glasses for sharp vision have become a matter of course when working in the office and at the computer. The situation is different for special computer glasses. But these also have their justification and should - in our opinion - not be missing at any computer workstation.

We have developed our Blueblocker glasses for comfortable, eye-friendly work at the PC. They are the ideal choice for evening PC work at the workplace.

If, on the other hand, you want to work all day long with a pair of workstation glasses, we recommend our Lite variant of Blueblocker glasses. They filter a large part of the blue light from the screen. But it still lets you see blue as a color. And does not make you tired.

In summary, this means: Use our Blueblocker glasses only before going to bed (up to two hours). You can use our Lite version of Blueblocker glasses all day long.

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