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FAQ - Blueblockers

Why should I wear Blueblocker glasses?

The crucial and biggest problem with blue light after sunset is its effect on our nervous system. After dark, the light fools your brain into thinking it's the wrong time of day. This interrupts your sleep cycle and can have a negative effect on your health, especially over a long period of time. Yellow or orange lenses that block 100% blue light can help you protect your sleep cycle and improve your sleep quality.

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Which glasses should I choose?

In our product descriptions, you will find a comparison table that gives you a practical overview of the two different glasses. In case you can't decide on a variant, we can recommend our low-priced bundles.

When and how often should I wear Blueblockers?

If possible, every day after sunset, provided you still surround yourself with artificial light.

If you prefer to commit to a time, we recommend wearing the glasses about 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Should I wear Blueblocker glasses during the day?

It is not a good idea to wear blueblockers during the day, especially if you do not need glasses. It is important to get the full spectrum of light into your eyes and, at best, onto your skin throughout the day. When working on a computer during the day, it is advisable to install a filter such as f.lux® or Iris to protect your eyes.

Tip: You can use our yellow 500 models in phases in everyday life to relax your eyes.

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What is the difference to transparent blue light filter glasses (computer glasses) or the coating from the optician?

There are blue light filters available as coatings from opticians and there is a wide range of clear lenses marketed as blueblockers.

Clear lenses can only filter out a small part of the blue light. So if you see advertising claims that the filtering power of such lenses is higher than 5-30%, you can become sceptical. These glasses are usually found under the heading "computer glasses". They are supposed to protect against dry and strained eyes.

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Do you also offer glasses with prescription?

No, as an alternative we have practical clip-ons on offer for spectacle wearers.

What else can I do?

In the evening, reduce the light intensity in your surroundings and create a relaxing atmosphere with alternative light sources such as our Lichtblock® Uno and candlelight to create a relaxed atmosphere.

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