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Lichtblock® Blueblocker
Optimize your sleep

  • Improves your sleep quality
  • Relaxes your eyes
  • Effective and without extra effort

Get tired faster in the evening

Set your body up for its well-deserved sleep by blocking out 100% artificial blue light.

Sleep better through the night

Avoiding blue light in the evening improves your sleep cycle and you sleep better through the night

Get up fitter in the morning

Get new motivation from better sleep and get more done during the day

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Why doctors and athletes choose us

Less blue light and more red light is one of the most important interventions for better cell function.
Dr. Gerrit Keferstein
Author "Praxishandbuch Schlafoptimierung" & "Chronisch Gesund"
Founder MOJO Institute / Immune Signature Training
Health meets modern design. I was looking for the best quality and appearance for myself and my patients for a long time - the search is over!
Dr. Thiemo Osterhaus
Physician & Health Coach
Founder Medletics Academy
I have been using blue blockers since 2016. The problem was always that the glasses either blocked too little or far too much, so that you could hardly see anything. The Blueblockers from Lichtblock do exactly the opposite, they block blue light optimally and at the same time I can read perfectly and work on my laptop. In addition, the glasses just look cool!
Raphael Rochner
Sports physiotherapist for professional athletes
Ju-Jutsu European & World Champion
Co-founder Körperbau - Therapie & Training in Lemgo
Red light and blue blockers help me to improve my sleep during the season when we spend many nights and hours on the bus. Since then, my sleep rhythm is under control again.
Dominik Bittner
German national ice hockey player
Defender with the Grizzlys Wolfsburg

Plusminus (ARD): LED light promotes the death of photoreceptors!

How it works

Modern displays, LEDs and energy-saving lamps have a disproportionately high blue light content.

After dark, blue light tricks your brain into thinking it's the wrong time of day. This keeps you awake and prevents the production of the important sleep hormone melatonin.

Our specially developed lenses block 100% of blue light and prevent it from reaching your retina.

Our lenses block 100% blue light

Transparent blue light filter glasses block only a small part of the blue light with the help of a coating.

To filter out the entire blue light spectrum in the evening, you need real blue blocker glasses.

NightShift mode - Even software filters only partially reduce the amount of blue light. Although this is generally easy on your eyes, it helps your sleep only slightly.

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Blue light filter

100% blue light filter performance

max. 30%

Sleep (protection from melatonin suppression)
Stress reduction for the eye (protection of sensitive photoreceptors)

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Blueblocker Glasses from Lichtblock

Put an end to tired eyes and poor sleep with our Blueblocker Glasses. These stylish glasses filter out harmful blue light for better sleep, less eye strain and fatigue, and even better overall health. It also protects you from diseases like obesity and diabetes caused by prolonged exposure to blue light. Make your screen time as comfortable as possible with these essential glasses and improve your health and well-being without much effort.

Red light lamps and lighting solutions

Red light and light without blue light content has been shown to have a positive effect on your sleep. It does not interfere with the body's production of melatonin and can help reduce the negative effects of blue light such as eyestrain and fatigue. It can also have a calming effect on the body, be used to help manage anxiety and sleep disorders, and improve overall mood. Improve your sleep time with our lighting solutions and passively promote your health and well-being.

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