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Great product - in use every day!

Highly recommended for daily screen work!

Pleasant and stylish

I bought the Riga Work&Play as a gift for a PC user/gamer who I asked for his feedback a few weeks later. There are only positive things to say about the glasses: from the design and good fit of the glasses, to the pleasant yellow tint of the lenses, which does not distort the colors and contrasts, to noticeably more relaxed eyes in the evening. It looks like I hit the bull's eye with my gift! Thanks to "die Lichtblocker" for this great product, keep up the good work!

Quality 1a

Very good quality, noticeable difference in sleep quality


Nice contact even before the purchase. Easy return if not satisfied and then ordered differently. Very professional everything. Thank you and gladly again

Great generous service

After a short time and little use, one of the protective rubbers for attaching my clip had disappeared. A quick phone call and I was sent a new clip. Very accommodating, thank you.

Super night light

I use it as a night light or as mini lighting in the evening.
This light + candle in the bathroom are enough to get ready for the night and relax you right away!
In addition, an additional "off" switch would be great, which would allow the plug to be left in the socket without car light or continuous light.
Nevertheless, a recommendation to buy!

Good glasses for PC work

Eyes feel more relaxed immediately after putting on the glasses, colors are still true to color, but they fit much more firmly than the 500 glasses and feel more like real glasses than the previous models.
Definitely worth an investment for those who have to work on a PC!

Working on the screen has improved, my eyes no longer sting and working is more relaxed. I also like the style of the glasses.

Vetro - Blueblocker Glasses Bundle
Marc L.
In use every day

Whether at work or cozy in the living room in front of the TV in the evening. I would buy them again at any time.

Cozy and calming with red light

Top night light! Didn't know before how important the type of night light is... but can say... very relevant for the quality of sleep! 😴😍

The glasses are really great! Stylish, comfortable and super useful for my evening routine... makes me fall asleep much better and faster. I've often almost fallen asleep with my glasses on...that's saying something 😴👍🏻

Complete satisfaction

The material makes an extremely high-quality impression and the light spectra are super! That's what I was looking for! LG

Cozier nights with a baby

We use the light when we go to sleep and leave it in the socket all night. That way, we have enough light to look after the little one, breastfeed or change nappies.

Good screen work

Working on all screens is possible with these glasses. The eyes are no longer red and quickly overloaded. The quality of the glasses and the delivery are excellent.

Good sleep

Very good glasses in very good quality. Helps you fall asleep when worn daily in front of the PC or television. The eyes "think" it is evening and the body can adjust well. These glasses are also fashionable.

Work&Play = Everyday

The blue light filter goggles Work&Play from Lichtblock surprised me in a positive way. The glasses not only offer effective protection against harmful blue light, but are also extremely comfortable to wear. The design is modern and appealing, and the lenses are of high quality.

I wear the glasses both at work on the computer and in my free time and could clearly feel how my eyes were less strained. The glasses have protected my eyes from dryness and fatigue and helped me to see better and feel more focused.

The glasses are also very robust and well made. I am convinced of the quality and benefits of the Work&Play and can recommend them to anyone who spends long hours in front of screens.
Best regards

Ring light

A great design with three beautiful light modes! Can be dimmed. I am completely satisfied! Shipping was also very fast.

Amico - Battery night light (3-pack)
Celia- Maria Figueredo González
Great lights for young and old.

Great LIGHTS that are constantly in use by our children, whether young or old. They are perfectly integrated into everyday life. Whether it's a sleep light, night light, path light or for playing in a cuddly tent, it's always there. Even when traveling.
As they even argue about it, we will soon have to order another set of 3.

Incredibly recommendable

Since I bought these uniquely great glasses, I find looking at my laptop and reading on my cell phone incredibly relaxing. I fall asleep better and more relaxed in the evening and allow my body to produce melatonin better. My friends and my partner have also bought these glasses. I recommend them 100%. Great company.

Very satisfied

The glasses are very good for my eyes in the evening and I have the feeling that I can relax more quickly. I may soon buy another pair of glasses with red lenses. I can recommend the glasses to others.

Am very satisfied

Stylish and functional 👍👍

Very satisfied!

Very satisfied, lamp is great and also very stylish.

Good thing

When I put the glasses on for the first time and looked out (during the day, mind you), I was amazed! I had never experienced anything like it before. The glasses really reliably filter out most of the blue. Blue towels appear gray, with strong blue LEDs you can still see some blue. The effect has convinced me. At first I even started yawning after wearing them for a short time. My quality of sleep has improved since then and the normal quality of light seems very cool without the glasses.
The eyes also don't feel so strained if you look at a screen for a long time.
I would buy these glasses again.

Very satisfied, sleep massively improved.

Since I've been wearing the glasses regularly in the evening, I sleep like a baby and have significantly more deep sleep and relaxation. An absolute recommendation.