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Lichtblock Via
Susanne Rehmann
Simply ingenious

I wear glasses and bought the clip. Use it consistently every evening while watching TV or when I sit in front of the laptop. I can definitely fall asleep better and my "insomnia" has improved significantly. I am much more refreshed and fit.

Fall asleep faster, sleep better through the night

After ordering the glasses, they arrived at my home just 2 days later.
Wear them every evening for 2 hours before going to bed and feel DEEPLY that my body comes to rest, my eyes turn off and I become more tired.
The first evening was of course a bit unusual, due to the fact that everything is perceived more orange. From the 2nd evening, however, this was no longer a problem. Even when watching movies, I do not feel any impairment by the colored lens, only light blue colors are perceived slightly differently.

Fall asleep much faster and better through the glasses

Evening habit, better sleep

I wear the glasses for almost a month in the evening and find that I fall asleep much better and also through. I am very satisfied, although a wider range of shapes would be nicer.

Fully satisfied

The products came super fast. The quality is excellent, I can only recommend!

Does what it promises !!!

Lightweight, comfortable to wear glasses!
Fulfills its function and relieves the eyes in the evening hours

Lichtblock Italia
Gerti Schöpe
Better sleep, faster falling asleep

I love my new Lichtblock glasses! For professional reasons, I often have to sit at the PC in the evening. Since I started wearing my Lichtblock glasses, I fall asleep better, wake up more refreshed and can also mentally shut down much better in the evening. I also feel that my eyes are much more relaxed. The handy case for storage keeps my glasses safe even when traveling. The glasses themselves fit very comfortably and look stylish. I am 100% satisfied.

Very good quality

These glasses are good for the evening!

Lichtblock Oro
Lisa Röckle

The quality is good.

Lichtblock Via
Erdmute Tahmassebi

I am very satisfied with the Blueblocker-

Super great light for the night

The lights are so soothing at night. Especially with small child a super practical relief, because it has a motion detector and does not have to burn through the whole night. We are very satisfied and can only recommend the lights!!!


Use the yellow glasses for watching TV and the red before falling asleep, has a very relaxing effect


We use it as evening lighting in combination with the glasses. Has a very relaxing effect.

Helping at night

We have the night lights in the hallway and bathroom. Especially after going to the bathroom at night, we can fall asleep faster afterwards, because we are not illuminated by such bright light, but are welcomed by pleasant light.

Orange clip and the night is your friend

Exposed in the evening while surfing the PC, it helps later fall asleep well. Small thing big effect! I am thrilled with the Orangeclip.


Goods, processing, simply everything from start to finish:
100 out of 100 points
Not 99, but 100.

Lichtblock Via

everything went smoothly

An enrichment!

The Lichtblock-Palla is very good for me in the evening in front of screens! He is sturdily constructed, easy to handle and fits all my glasses. In the supplied case, he is safely stored and can be carried well in it. Delivery and communication were flawless. Would I buy again!

I am really excited!

In combo with the glasses, better sleep and more energy during the day!

I am really excited!

I sleep much better and have more energy during the day!


Fast delivery, easy operation. Light very pleasant in the dark. And if you have to go to the bathroom at night, you do not wake up immediately bright as with white light.

Highly recommended

The lenses are uncomplicated to attach to the glasses. The color bathes the surroundings in a pleasant light. You can still watch TV without being irritated by the color (even with the red lenses). Since I use these glasses in the evening, I fall asleep better.
However, I notice one small thing: The visual acuity is somewhat reduced by the colored glasses.

Best decision

These night lights are really worth their weight in gold. I am very happy to have them. Finally, I don't have to turn on the light at night when I go to the bathroom. Next to my blue light blocker glasses the best purchase decision.

Am very satisfied!

I wear the glasses every day for about 3 hours before bedtime. My sleep quality has improved tremendously! Thank you for this product!

Super glasses!

I the glasses came very quickly after ordering and are qualitatively very well processed. The effect after a few days is also exactly as already described by others here. I am satisfied all around!

Good glasses

By wearing the glasses I do not get tired so quickly and can sleep better in the evening.
Super product.