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For me, it's the supplier that counts before I order a product, huge advertising and a recommendation from my chiropractor persuaded me to do so. I don't think much of this company, I sent four emails and never received an answer, I can't be reached by phone, there is only a recorded message, the invoice is issued to a delivery address without a name. For me, this company is a disaster

Hi WuBu, it's great that your chiropractor brought us to your attention. Unfortunately, we can't understand your review. We usually reply to every single customer email that reaches us. We have also replied to your emails and you have also written back to us ("...thank you for the information and the great offer..."). We do not offer telephone support, that is correct. However, we clearly communicate this on our website alongside the telephone number and the voice message. The invoice is automatically issued by the system to the specified delivery address if no separate billing address is entered in the checkout. We have responded to your request to change the billing address and sent you an updated invoice. We value good communication at Lichtblock and always try to do our customers justice. Best regards and all the best, your Lichtblock team

Super lamp

I am absolutely thrilled with this great lamp. Since I got it, I've been using it every evening as a bedside lamp with red light. It's also great for reading. I particularly like the timer, as I only have to close the book when I go to sleep.
I've grown so fond of it so quickly that I've already taken it with me on trips.
I will probably also buy a ring light for the living room in the fall.

Absolutely recommendable

Super fast delivery, top quality and exactly as desired for work in the office. Two colleagues have now also ordered one :).

Beautiful light in the evening......

Super product

Fast, uncomplicated processing;
Very good, stable quality, easy to put on the glasses;
comfortable to wear

Service and quality

Super great service and a really great lamp.

Super glasses, cool design

Highly recommended. I bought these glasses for my partner. He loves wearing them. Needs no more convincing from me, if you know what I mean ;-D

TV very pleasant

Super comfortable to wear and also makes TV viewing more enjoyable. The bright color of the TV has bothered me for a long time. With the glasses it's wonderful and I fall asleep afterwards.

Great light ring

I really like being able to change the lights between red light, candlelight and daylight. The intensity can also be adjusted. Absolutely recommendable!

Great glasses

Everything is fine, bright light is "transformed" into pleasant light

Light ring daily companion

I asked for the light ring for my birthday and I am simply thrilled. It looks super beautiful. But it's not just the looks that are impressive. I have replaced my night light with the light ring. The individual functions can be conveniently adjusted using the dimmer function. I love falling asleep in the evening with the red light and thanks to the timer function I don't even have to switch it off. I am completely satisfied and very happy with the ring.

Red light glasses

Very good light protection glasses with red filter. Particularly comfortable when watching TV.

Totally satisfied

The glasses fit really well, don't pinch anywhere and even look good. I definitely have the feeling that I can use them to reduce the stress of watching TV in the evening, for example. I can sleep really well at the moment.

Everything fine

I'm really impressed with the glasses. Very comfortable to wear.


I bought the rechargeable nightlights some time ago. I'm very happy with them.
The new ones with plugs are great because we go to the toilet at night via a corridor.


Very light and comfortable to wear. My child loves wearing it, I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend it to others.


I am very satisfied. The glasses are very comfortable to wear and very light.
They have become my regular evening routine and I feel very good since I have been wearing them regularly🙏

Oro Work+Play - Workplace/gaming blue blocker glasses

I work 8 hours a day on the PC and my eyes were always red and dry. I am very happy with the glasses, my eyes are much more relaxed.

So good! An absolute enrichment!

We have had a Lichtblock for a long time. We used the ambient light in the evenings. We had to carry the Lichtblock from room to room to do this. The red light is super relaxing and we love it for relaxing in the evening. However, we find the candlelight of the ring light much more practical for the previous evening program. It is a warm, bright light that allows us to see all the colors of our surroundings in true color while avoiding blue light. It is also possible to use the red light later. My children also love the design and the accompanying remote control (super interesting to control the light with 😉) and love it just like the night lights. We already have 2 ring lights and it won't be the last. The Lichtblock now has its permanent place in the bathroom and carrying it around is a thing of the past 🤭.

Super satisfied

Wearing the glasses in the evening immediately became a habit. I'm really happy, the tiredness before going to sleep comes automatically thanks to the glasses and the colors on the screen are pleasant and not too artificial. I wouldn't want to be without them!


Top workmanship. Great design and now an indispensable companion when sitting in front of the screen in the evening. Top!


In short. An absolute game changer. I love it!!!

Excellent night lights!

I've been looking for a good night light for a long time and I've found it here at Lichtblock ! The night lights illuminate the surroundings very well and the motion detector function reacts quickly and reliably! A clear recommendation to buy in any case! :)

Very comfortable to wear

I find the glasses very comfortable to wear. It was a good decision, especially when you're still sitting at your PC in the evening - a real treat for the eyes.

Looks sexy and works!

The glasses are really great. Not only blue light from the computer, but also the normal lamp light is super filtered to blue light. The glasses are super comfortable to wear.