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How to use your Lichtblock® Uno

Application examples

Lichtblock Application
Lichtblock Application
Lichtblock Application
Lichtblock Application
Lichtblock Application
Lichtblock Application
Lichtblock Application
Lichtblock Application
Lichtblock Application

Use of the power light (COB chip in the centre)

Switch on both switches (COB + LED)


Optimally, just stick to our distance and time guidelines.

Use this area locally for 10 minutes for a specific area.
Use this area for 10 minutes for a larger area.
Use this area for about 20 minutes for the whole body.

There is nothing wrong with exceeding these times, but the effect remains the same.


After the power light mode, wait about 24 hours before irradiating the same area with power light.


Especially in the beginning, we recommend halving the duration to get your body used to the red light.

The power light should ideally be applied during the day, i.e. between sunrise and sunset, and at least 2 hours before going to bed.

Use of ambient light (outer ring)

Switch on the outer ring only (LED)

Ambient light is ideally used after sunset as a substitute for conventional lighting to prepare you for the night.

But you can also use it during the day to create a balanced light mix. You can leave the light on as often and as long as you like. Especially as atmospheric evening lighting, the ambient light is super relaxing!

The Lichtblock as atmospheric evening lighting

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Frequently asked questions about the application

Why do some LEDs not light up?

The wavelengths of our Lichtblock are 630 nm, 660 nm and 850 nm. Wavelengths in the 850 nm range are not visible to the human eye. The body nevertheless perceives the light.

Can I keep my eyes open while the unit is on?

When holding the lamp to your face, we recommend that you use protective goggles as described in the instructions. As a general rule, you should never look directly into the light of the red light lamp, just as it is not recommended to look directly into the sun.

Is the red light coming through my clothes?

Unfortunately, no. Only if your clothes are translucent is there a chance of achieving an effect.

Can I get sunburn from Lichtblock ?

No. Sunburn is caused by UV radiation that is not contained in the light spectrum of the Lichtblock.

Do I produce vitamin D through the Lichtblock ?

No. Vitamin D is produced with the help of the ultraviolet (UV) part of the sun's radiation (280-315 nm).

Do I have to stop going out in the sun now?

Lichtblock offers you a compromise, but a red light lamp does not come close to sunlight. To best support your sleep and wake rhythms and your general health, you should ideally spend as much time as possible in natural sunlight during the day. In addition to effects such as vitamin D production in the skin, which is stimulated by the sun's UV radiation (especially in summer), the light of the sun also has a direct influence on your body's internal clock. Therefore, if possible, go outside first thing in the morning at sunrise and avoid artificial light in the evening.

Do you have any further questions?

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