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Via Work+Play - Workstation/Gaming Blueblocker Clip-On
Via Work+Play - Workstation/Gaming Blueblocker Clip-On
Via Work+Play - Workstation/Gaming Blueblocker Clip-On
Via Work+Play - Workstation/Gaming Blueblocker Clip-On
Via Work+Play - Workstation/Gaming Blueblocker Clip-On
Via Work+Play - Workstation/Gaming Blueblocker Clip-On
Via Work+Play - Workstation/Gaming Blueblocker Clip-On
Via Work+Play - Workstation/Gaming Blueblocker Clip-On

Via Work+Play - Workstation/Gaming Blueblocker Clip-On

Blueblocker Clip-On
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  • Clip-on for square glasses
  • 85% blue light protection, double anti-reflective coating and hardened
  • Specially developed for more focus and concentration
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Lichtblock® Via Work+Play Blueblocker Clip-On

New generation of Blueblocker clip-ons: perfect for work and gaming

Discover the latest innovation in our Blueblocker collection - specially designed to optimize your everyday work or gaming sessions. Our new clip-ons block 85% of blue light, making them the ideal solution for anyone who spends long hours in front of a screen. Whether you're working or gaming, these clips are your key to better concentration, focus and well-being.

85% blue light
UV 400 filter
Suitable for road traffic

Blue light filter

Work+Play Blueblocker
Blue light filter performance

max. 30%

Optimal protection against dry and tired eyes
Stress reduction for the eye - specially designed for more focus and concentration

For the workplace:

  • Protection against tired eyes: Long hours at the computer can strain your eyes. Our clip-ons reduce eye fatigue by filtering out harmful blue light.
  • Increased concentration: With less eye strain, you can concentrate on your work longer and more effectively.
  • Preventing headaches: Reduce the risk of screen-related headaches and enjoy a more pleasant working day.
  • Support for shift work: Ideal for those who work unusual hours. The clip-on helps to protect the eyes from disturbing light and supports the natural need for sleep after the shift.

For gaming and streaming:

  • Improved gaming experience: Experience longer and more intense gaming sessions without the usual eye strain.
  • Focus and reaction time: Our clip-ons help you to concentrate better and can improve your reaction time.
  • Protection for your eyes: Protect your eyes from long-term damage caused by blue light without having to sacrifice your gaming experience.
  • Better contrast when gaming: Our clip-ons boost contrast, which can result in a clearer and more detailed display - a subtle but noticeable benefit to your gaming experience.

Also practical when driving

In addition to everyday use in the office or when gaming, our clip-ons offer an additional, significant advantage: they are also a great help when driving. The special design of the lenses effectively reduces annoying glare, especially the bright LED light of modern vehicle headlights. This leads to a more relaxed journey, especially when driving at night, when the eyes are particularly sensitive to bright light.

Why our Work+Play Blueblocker clip-ons

  • Perfectly balanced lenses: Our clip-ons offer the ideal balance between maximum blue light reduction and optimum contrast rendition. This ensures comfortable use, whether at work or while gaming.
  • Versatile in use: Ideal for office work, gaming and any other activity, even away from the screen.
  • Health benefits: As well as protecting your eyes, our clip-ons also contribute to better sleep and a healthier lifestyle.

With our Work+Play Blueblocker clip-ons, you'll experience the perfect mix of protection, comfort and style. Order now and see the quality and benefits of our clips for yourself!

Manufacturer Lichtblock GmbH
Glass variant Work+Play
Scope of delivery Blueblocker Clip-On, glasses case, glasses cleaning cloth

Clip-on dimensions

Width: 135 mm
Glass height: 40 mm Glass width: 60 mm
Bar width: 15 mm


Form Square
Weight 10 g
Accessories Case, cleaning cloth

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Femisport Anja Roth
Very satisfied

Dear team,

I wanted to thank you very much for the great advice at Fibo! The glasses are simply amazing. At last I can work on my PC for hours on end without feeling tired and dry eyes and without feeling like I'm about to fall asleep. I can really recommend them to anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a screen. Thanks again and see you next time!

Kind regards,

Gisela W.

After buying the orange clip for my smartphone and then for TV, I bought the work & play clip for work and the glasses for my husband to watch TV.
Never again without them! Now that's something really great.

Randa Hodum
Fits and helps

Fits great - unobtrusive and my eyes say thank you 1000x thank you - in my opinion a must for everyone who works a lot on the PC etc👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

wonderful and recommendable glasses

My partner and I have each bought different glasses. They are beautifully shaped and sit well and lightly on the nose. What is particularly pleasant is that we hardly feel the glasses even after wearing them for a long time. Working with the laptop during the day and watching movies and cell phones has become so relaxing for our eyes. Great products. I recommend them 100%. 💖

Jasmine T.
Functional and stylish - top!

As with the glasses, seeing through the lenses of the clip-ons is super comfortable. Working on a laptop or cell phone is much more relaxed for the eyes. The clip-ons are super easy to put on the glasses. Another well thought-out product with heart! Thank you!