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Game glasses as a game changer?

Gaming glasses as a game changer?

What gaming glasses & gamer glasses can do

Almost one in ten young people play video games for more than four hours a day. That may sound like a lot. But compared to professional e-sports participants, it's still not much. How much do the pros play?

Some professional gamers play up to 16 hours a day. 16 hours! That's two working days.

That's an insane amount. And unfortunately not the best thing for your health.

Yes, e-sports is exhausting. Long training times and tight schedules are part of everyday life. Burnout is the order of the day. But your health can also suffer in other ways in this dream job.

If you are a professional gamer, you will certainly accept this. You are enthusiastic and passionate about what you do. You take a positive approach to e-sports and master every challenge.

To keep it that way, take care of your health. In addition to sufficient exercise and a balanced diet, you can do even more for yourself and your game. Especially when it comes to your eye health.

You can find out exactly what in this article.

What does blue light do?

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum and has a shorter wavelength and higher energy compared to other colors. It is produced by many natural and artificial light sources.

Blue light hits the retina

Natural blue light sources:

  • Sunlight: A significant proportion of the blue light we see comes from the sun. Natural sunlight contains a wide range of colors, including the blue spectrum.

Artificial blue light sources:

  • Screens: Electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and televisions emit blue light. Long periods of screen time can lead to digital fatigue.
  • LED lighting: LED lamps and light-emitting diodes, which are used in many modern light sources, can also emit blue light.

Blue light sources Monitors, LEDs and co.

Daily exposure to blue light can have an effect on people.

To minimize the potential negative effects of blue light, you can use blue blocker glasses and screen filters. Or you can adjust your screen settings to reduce the amount of blue light. This is particularly useful in the evening hours before going to bed.

For gamers, gaming glasses with a blue blocker can be useful.

The effects of blue light

Survey on the effects of artificial blue light

Source: Representative Innofact online survey for ZEISS: 1031 German-speaking people aged 16-79, spectacle wearers and non-wearers. Spectacle wearers n=793, 76.9 %, January 2023

As cool as gaming is. The screens of PCs and similar devices emit blue light. And this can have a negative impact on your eye health in the long term. But it can also have a negative impact on your concentration.

In January 2023, Innofact conducted an online survey in Germany on behalf of ZEISS with a total of 1,031 participants. Just under 40 percent of respondents to the online survey believe that artificial blue light is harmful to the eyes. Just over half also believe that artificial blue light causes eye strain.

It is not possible to say with certainty why this is the case. However, it is a fact that the majority of test subjects associate symptoms such as headaches, tiredness and tension with blue light.

If so many people feel this way, a solution is urgently needed. One option: Blueblocker glasses.

What are goggles with blue light filters?

Blueblocker glasses are specially developed glasses designed to protect the eyes from harmful blue light.

Filtering blue light: The main purpose of Blueblocker glasses is to filter part of the blue light spectrum emitted by digital screens, LED lamps and other artificial light sources.

Reducing digital eye strain: Blueblocker glasses can be a solution for people who spend a lot of time in front of screens. They can be particularly useful for gamers. By reducing digital eye strain, these glasses can help minimize symptoms such as eye dryness and fatigue.

The advantages of Blueblocker gaming glasses

Blueblocker gaming glasses

  1. Protection against fatigue and overexertion: hours of gaming sessions in front of a screen can lead to digital fatigue. The blue light emitted by monitors is one of the main causes. Blueblocker glasses filter out these blue light rays, reducing eye strain and helping to minimize eye fatigue.
  2. Maintaining your sleep-wake cycle: As a gamer, you know that your game does not follow the usual day and night cycles. The intense blue light also affects your natural sleep-wake cycle. Blueblocker glasses help to mitigate this effect by supporting melatonin production and can therefore promote healthier sleep. Tip: Wear gaming glasses with a blue light filter about one to two hours before you go to sleep during your gaming sessions.
  3. Stylish design for gaming enthusiasts: Blueblocker glasses for gamers are not only functional, but also stylish. With different designs and colors, you can underline your personal style and benefit from the health advantages at the same time.
  4. Reduction of eye dryness: Concentrated staring at the screen can lead to dryness and burning of the eyes. Blueblocker glasses help to minimize these symptoms, providing a more comfortable gaming experience.
  5. Improved concentration: Reduced eye strain can help professional gamers concentrate better on the game. With the help of gaming glasses with a blue light filter, you can be more attentive in competitive gaming situations.
  6. Prevention of long-term eye problems: Long-term eye protection is especially important for professional gamers who use their eyes intensively on a daily basis. By reducing blue light, blueblocker glasses can help to minimize long-term eye problems.

How do Blueblocker gaming glasses work?

Blueblocker gaming glasses work by filtering blue light with short wavelengths in the range of around 380 to 500 nanometers. The gaming glasses are equipped with special coatings or filters that reduce - or completely block - the passage of blue light. These lenses absorb some of the blue light before it reaches the eyes.

Important: Individual reactions to blue light can vary. Not everyone experiences the same benefits from blue blocker glasses. However, many people, especially professional gamers, have had positive experiences with these glasses when it comes to reducing eye strain and promoting a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

Gaming glasses with full and partial blue blocker

Gaming Blueblocker glasses

We at Lichtblock love gaming. And have been looking for a solution for passionate gamers and professional gamers. We have found it!

We have been offering Blueblocker glasses with 100% blue light protection for a good 2.5 years. These glasses should be worn by gamers at the PC in the evening - one to two hours before going to bed.

Now we have developed a new pair of glasses for gamers that can be worn around the clock. They absorb 85% of blue light and are therefore ideal for gamers who play a lot during the day and want to protect their eyes and stay focused at the same time.

Our Work+Play Gaming Blueblocker glasses or clip-ons are now available.

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