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Blue light glasses gaming

Blue light glasses gaming

Easy on the eyes & stay alert longer - even after hours of gaming sessions

As a gamer, you know the problem: You're in the middle of a gaming session. Your attention has been required for hours. And you can't let it lapse now. Because now the final boss is standing in front of you, waiting to be beaten.

Adrenaline flows through your veins. You focus. Immerse yourself in the screen. And then: Instead of giving the final boss the coup de grace, you rub your eyes. They burn. Your concentration is at zero. But inside, you're psyched like crazy.

Gambling is no fun like that.

We are all only human. It's perfectly normal that at some point our bodies can no longer cope. But what is the reason for this in gaming?

The PC screen emits blue light that can damage the retina. Anyone who is exposed to this light for a long time risks increased eye strain. The risk of age-related macular degeneration increases.

Plus: You fool your body into thinking it's lunchtime even in the middle of the night. We only encounter blue light in broad daylight. The inner clock is more than shaken.

So what to do?

The solution here can be blue light filter glasses. They filter out the blue light from the screen light. So you are not artificially kept awake and can prevent damage to the retina.

Blue light radiation during gaming

Blue light should not be demonized across the board. That is nonsensical. After all, it is a completely normal component of our daylight.

Blue light is natural? Then I don't have any problems as a gamer. My screens only simulate normal light.'

Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

Wherever we encounter white light sources, the blue light content is particularly high. These are usually displays - such as those of PCs, tablets or smartphones. But they can also be ordinary LED lights.

However, we are exposed to the majority of blue light radiation when working with computer screens. And therefore also during gaming.

Is that a problem?

Not fundamentally. But: The blue light occurs in daylight. And therefore has a stimulating effect on our organism. Also in the evening and at night.

In other words, if you expose yourself to a good dose of blue light before bedtime - which is what you do when you're gaming - your sleep rhythm can get messed up.

The result: you can't fall asleep or you toss and turn all night. That doesn't have to be the case, of course. But restless sleep and problems falling asleep are more likely due to blue light.

And what is the solution?

Blueblocker gaming glasses

Do you want to give up gaming as a gamer? That would be a solution in terms of your health. But certainly not a very attractive one. After all, gaming is your hobby. Or even your profession? Hanging up on gaming - no way!

The solution: filter blue light

The easiest way would be to filter the blue light from the screen. And that is indeed possible. With gaming glasses that filter blue light.
Ideally, the glasses filter all blue light from your environment. In other words, the glasses should filter light with wavelengths between 380nm and 480nm.

Gaming glasses with blue light filter


Blue light filter

Work+Play Blueblocker
Blue light filter performance

max. 30%

Optimal protection against dry and tired eyes
Stress reduction for the eye - specially designed for more focus and concentration

Two types of glasses can be considered as gaming glasses.

  1. Gaming glasses with anti-reflective coating. They reflect the blue light. You can recognize them by a light bluish glow in the lenses.
  2. Gaming glasses with yellowish tinted lenses. These glasses absorb the blue light component.

The second variant with the yellowish tint also has the advantage that there are no annoying reflections on the lens.

Eye problems due to prolonged gambling on the computer

Sitting in front of a screen for a long time can cause various problems with your eyes. You certainly know them from your own experience. Do the following symptoms sound familiar?

  1. Dry eyes: When working or playing at the screen, you blink less often. The result: dry eyes. Constantly staring at the screen causes your eyes to blink less often, which in turn reduces tear production. Dry eyes can cause irritation, redness, burning and even blurred vision.
  2. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS): CVS is a collection of eye problems caused by working at a computer screen for long periods of time. Symptoms can include eye strain, blurred vision, headaches, neck and back pain, and dry eyes. Constantly focusing on the screen and staring fixedly can strain the eye muscles and lead to these complaints.
  3. Myopia: There are some studies that suggest that working at a screen for long periods of time can increase the risk of myopia. This is because the eyes are constantly focused on the near screen and do not have to adjust to objects in the distance. This can lead to a change in the shape of the eyes and affect vision.
  4. Blue light: The screen emits blue light, which can damage the retina. This can lead to increased eye strain and increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

To minimize these problems, it is important to take regular breaks, relax the eyes, position the screen at eye level, blink enough and keep the eyes moist. And: filter blue light.

Advantages of gaming glasses

Gaming Glasses ...

  • protect your eyes from harmful blue light and support restful sleep
  • can contribute to optimal regeneration
  • support your natural biorhythm
  • are also suitable for spectacle wearers in the form of clip-ons

The gaming glasses that take your game to the next level

Blueblocker gaming glasses

We at Lichtblock know the problem 'blue light and gaming' very well. In our team there are some gamers who not only have to fight with a visual impairment. They also have trouble sleeping due to nightly gaming.

Our Blueblocker glasses have been the solution so far. However, they filter out all blue light. In the game, this means that blue objects are no longer recognized as blue. And you get tired more quickly.

So another pair of glasses was needed. Glasses that filter blue light, but can also be used during the day. And leaves blue recognizable as blue.

Our solution: The Lichtblock gaming glasses - a lite version of our Blueblocker glasses. The model blocks a lot of blue, but you can still see blue as a color. However, the intensity of the blue light is greatly reduced.

Do something good for yourself and your eyes

Gaming and eye health don't have to be mutually exclusive. Try our new gaming glasses and see if your sleep and concentration improve.

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