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Vetro Sleep - Blueblocker glasses
Vetro Sleep - Blueblocker glasses
Vetro Sleep - Blueblocker glasses
Vetro Sleep - Blueblocker glasses
Vetro Sleep - Blueblocker glasses
Vetro Sleep - Blueblocker glasses
Vetro Sleep - Blueblocker glasses
Vetro Sleep - Blueblocker glasses
Vetro Sleep - Blueblocker glasses

Vetro Sleep - Blueblocker glasses

Blueblocker Glasses
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  • Modern octagon design
  • Double anti-reflective & tempered lenses
  • 100% blue light protection
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Lichtblock® Vetro Sleep Blueblocker glasses

For restful sleep: the Lichtblock® Sleep series

The Sleep series was specially developed for the hours after sunset. It effectively filters out 100% of the blue light that prevents your body from switching to night-time sleep mode.

Protection until
500 nm
Blue light
UV 400 filter
Suitable for road traffic

Our lenses block 100% blue light


Blue light filter

Sleep Blueblocker
100% blue light filter performance

max. 30%

Sleep (protection from melatonin suppression)
Stress reduction for the eye (protection of sensitive photoreceptors)

Advantages of the Sleep series

  • Improves your sleep quality: By blocking disturbing blue light, the Sleep series promotes a natural sleep cycle and helps you to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.
  • Relax your eyes: Long periods of screen time strain our eyes. The Sleep range reduces this strain and prevents eye strain and dryness.
  • Effective and with no extra effort: simply put it on and enjoy the immediate effect. No need to change your habits in the evening or do without technical devices.

The problem: blue light in the evening

  • Do you spend a lot of time in bright surroundings in the evening?
  • Are you often busy with screen work?
  • Do you like to watch a film or a series in the evening?
  • Do you have problems falling asleep or staying asleep?

Then the use of blueblockers may make sense for you.

The crucial and biggest problem with blue light after sunset is the effect it has on our nervous system. After dark, the light tricks your brain into thinking it's the wrong time of day. This interrupts your sleep cycle and can have a negative effect on your health, especially over a longer period of time. Blueblockers can help you to protect your sleep cycle and improve your sleep quality.

Difference between LEDs and fire

Lichtblock Blueblocker Graphic LED Spectrum Bluepeak

LED spectrum

We speak of blue light at a wavelength of approx. 380 to 495 nanometers (nm). This is short-wave and very high-energy light. Modern displays, LEDs and energy-saving lamps have a disproportionately high proportion of blue light. This stimulates certain photoreceptor cells and can lead to a dysregulation of your sleep-wake rhythm. This can have a negative effect on your hormones and metabolism.

Fire (candlelight)

Before we were able to turn night into day through the invention of electricity, there were only natural sources of light in the form of fire. The big and decisive difference to today's light sources is the distribution of the light spectrum. Blue and green are hardly present in candlelight, as can be seen in the graph. Furthermore, fire has no flicker effect, which can stress your nervous system. Therefore, fire usually has a calming effect.

Lichtblock Blueblocker Graphic Spectrum Fire Candlelight
With the Sleep series, you lay the foundation for a night of rest and relaxation. Whether you work late into the evening or just want to relax.
Manufacturer Lichtblock GmbH
Glass variant Sleep
Scope of delivery Blueblocker glasses, glasses case, glasses cleaning cloth

Spectacle dimensions

Spectacle width: 136 mm
Glass height: 44 mm Glass width: 48 mm
Bar width: 16 mm
Temple length: 138 mm


Frame colour Transparent
Spectacle shape Square
Frame type Full rim
Frame material Acetate
Weight 18 g
Accessories Spectacle case, spectacle cleaning cloth

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Perfect evening companion

Not only very comfortable in the evening, but also very stylish. I love blue light filter glasses and can no longer do without them in the evening!

Marc L.
In use every day

Whether at work or cozy in the living room in front of the TV in the evening. I would buy them again at any time.

Fulfilling its purpose, but unfortunately not so beautiful.

The glasses fulfill their purpose very well, but unfortunately they are not very nice and the range of glasses in general is very small and in my opinion not very good. It would be great if you could send a pair of glasses there and get the filter on your own glasses like other companies outside Germany offer. I would say that in Germany this is probably the best you can get so far. I would love to use this kind of glasses in some public situations like taking public transportation late at night, but I would never do that with this model.

Greta M.
Top product!

I have installed the 3 nightlights in bedrooms and all family members are very satisfied. If you have to go up at night, this light is totally pleasant and you can fall asleep again quickly. I will also give these lights as gifts...

Leticia Ventocilla Metz
super glasses

The glasses fit wonderfully and it feels good to wear them in the evening. I sleep like a log and wake up feeling refreshed.
A clear recommendation to buy!