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The Lichtblock story by Daniel Sentker

Lichtblock was founded in 2020. Chiropractor and Lichtblock founder Daniel Sentker himself tells you how it came about and the idea behind it:

"Until a few years ago, my everyday life looked like the typical modern life: First thing in the morning was my mobile phone, followed by coffee without breakfast, a long day at work, sports, supermarket, Netflix, one last look at Instagram and then back to sleep - if I could. Yet my gut told me that somehow it didn't feel right.

Then, when I developed tangible symptoms, I felt helpless: instead of building up power in sports, my strength was decreasing day by day. In addition, there was what the English call "brain fog". I simply couldn't remember anything in my studies. When my body also threw a spanner in the works of my love life, I knew I couldn't go on like this. I started a medical marathon that ended with blood pressure medication and antidepressants. I was only 22 years old at the time.

Since the medicines didn't help either, I started to do my own research. I pored over reference books, attended online courses, underwent lab tests and treatments, took various dietary supplements and travelled to seminars and therapies. Now, 7 years later, I am a lot smarter and a few thousand euros lighter. I would like to save others this time and expense. My result is not a holy grail, but a smart way to play in today's digital world without paying with your health.

Light plays a crucial role in this - or rather: the right light at the right time. It's no secret that the blue light from screens messes with our internal clock. It makes our body think it's broad daylight at all times of the day and night. On top of that, we rarely see the sunrise and sunset, whose wavelengths set our bodies to the time of day and night. The result is a biorhythm that is out of sync. In addition to symptoms such as insomnia and permanent exhaustion, this also causes mood lows and a number of other health problems.

What positive effects a functioning biorhythm can have, on the other hand, I experienced first-hand during a cure in Mexico. Here I lived with other participants for four weeks in the rhythm of nature - largely without electric light, but with plenty of sunlight. I realised that living against nature was the cause of many of my problems. Today, I try to be outside as much as possible and especially to experience the morning and evening sunlight hours. At the same time, however, I have to realise time and again that a lifestyle like the one I lived in Mexico is difficult to implement in the digital world. If you don't want to become a dropout, you have to become inventive in order to live according to nature's rules in modern everyday life.

This is where light therapy comes into play. It plays an essential part in rebalancing the skewed relationship between too much artificial light and too little natural light. In our chiropractic practice we regularly work with photobiomodulation (red light). In addition, combined with Blueblocker glasses, we achieve amazing results. However, so that my patients do not always have to book a session with me, the idea for Lichtblock was born. With Lichtblock , everyone can make their digital everyday life more natural again, and quite uncomplicatedly while brushing their teeth, working out or even at work."

Our mission

We want to support each individual in finding the best balance
between the digital world and nature.